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Georgia leads the nation … into what?

Mischievous Foundations?

Good for you, GPPF!

$70 lowballs the monthly direct primary care fee.

Monthly direct primary care fees will not hold steady at $70 for a decade.

Origins and future of the report “Healthcare Innovations in Georgia”

AEG/WP left a small “wellness” thumbprint on the scale measuring the impact of their DPC package

$938,824,142. How fair adjustments to the $70 DPC assumption reduce the billion dollar savings claimed in the AEG/WP report by 85%.

“Trust us. We did studies.” AEG/WP have a special way of showing that direct primary care reduces the costs of downstream care.

The marketplace reached a judgment about direct primary care pioneer, Qliance.

Why did Wilson Partners’ research into DPC cost-reduction bypass uniquely available and pointedly relevant data?

Selection bias infected the best documented argument that direct primary care reduced downstream costs.

The two largest and most current AEG/WP examples of downstream cost reduction failed to adequately address selection bias.

Nextera’s marketing presentation establishes huge selection bias, while revealing modest evidence that Nextera cuts cost for some of its patients. But the data set is tiny, old, and contaminated by results for fee for service patients!

AEG/WP’s chosen actuary did not validate the assumption that direct primary care reduces downstream care costs.

Three bad ways to bet the health of Georgia citizens on direct primary care.

To learn how much direct primary care can do, try it first in the ACA-compliant, full-benefit individual market.

A single-post critique of AEG/WP’s recommendation on direct primary care.

Total claims cost caution: when DPC is implemented primary care claims vanish. AEG/WP’s 15% estimate is not conservative in the least.

11% reduction in overall care cost, adjusted for risk, is suggested by Union County’s 2018 report.

A few brags from a few DPC companies is not a sound basis for public policy decisions.

Bupkes. Nextera reported a claims cost reduction of $72 PMPM; subtracting a $70 fee, and AEG/WP’s billion dollar promises fall nearly 95%.

Attn: AEG/WP. Milliman study finds 15% downstream care cost reductions for DPC.

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