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Actual University Study of Direct Primary Care

There never was a British Medical Journal study of Qliance.

Dr Rice’s “DPC saves money” fantasy.

Spin Doctor: DPC office visits are four times as long as PPS office visits. Don’t believe it.

Spin doctor says DPC saves 85%. Don’t bet on it.

A single-post critique of AEG/WP’s recommendation on direct primary care.

To learn how much direct primary care can do, try it first in the ACA-compliant, full-benefit individual market.

Nextera’s marketing presentation establishes huge selection bias, while revealing modest evidence that Nextera cuts cost for some of its patients. But the data set is tiny, old, and contaminated by results for fee for service patients!

“Trust us. We did studies.” AEG/WP have a special way of showing that direct primary care reduces the costs of downstream care.

Selection bias infected the best documented argument that direct primary care reduced downstream costs.

The marketplace reached a judgment about direct primary care pioneer, Qliance.

Direct Primary Care Poster Child Qliance has collapsed.

Giant direct primary care pioneer Qliance has turned to online begging.

Going insurance-free does not, and cannot, reduce the overhead expenses of primary care practices by 60%, or even 40%.

Direct primary care is no excuse for parsimony.

Did direct primary care save Union County $1,280,000? Don’t bet on it. [Updated 1/6/18. Re-updated 1/13/20]

Direct Primary Care is not a magic bullet that will bring adequate health care to low income Georgia citizens. (Revised.)

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