Credentials, if you insist.

BS (Caltech), JD (UConn) LLM (Yale) , PhD (Emory).  I was a full-time law professor a long time ago (mostly, Indiana University). I taught “law and medicine” and tons of other stuff.  I was an adjunct professor at a very large medical school (Indiana). Then, a lawyer whose practice tilted toward health care finance law; I represented — at one time or another — providers, consumers, and the federal government.

I’ve also hopped on and off an alternate life-track involving a math-heavy area of biomedical research; some statistics and a bit of bioinformatics were involved. I work comfortably with numbers. Scientific training has also — I hope — rendered me generally more interested in learning the truth than in winning some argument. 

I’ll add some relevant highlights below as I think of them, here:

I have never been charged with an ethics violation. I have an Inspector General’s Integrity Award from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

I’ve handled big data, hundreds of thousands of entries.

I’ve been a health policy advisor to both Democrats and Republicans.

I’ve handled cases (with seven to ten figure implications) involving Medicare cost accounting, lab coding, diagnosis coding.

I showed a Congressman a $15B error in a CBO report on health reform.

I’ve drafted state Medicaid eligibility-expanding legislation, that became law without change, that brought millions of dollars of Medicaid benefits to many thousands of seniors living in poverty. I’ve also won an award for helping the federal Medicaid authorities root out millions in Medicaid eligibility fraud.

My first suit against a government health insurance rule and my first against a large provider group were each nearly four decades ago.

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