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HSA breaks for DPC defeat the purpose of HSA breaks

Helping those patients most dependent on DPC means defeating the DPC/HDHP/HSA “fix”.

DPC cherry-picking: the defense speaks. Part 1.

DPC cherry-picking: the defense speaks. Part 2.

Milliman: A $60 PMPM DPC fee buys an employer a zero ROI.

The mixed bag of Milliman earns a final grade: B

The raw downstream cost claims data fed into Miliman’s “isolation” model were imprinted with Union County’s (likely pro-DPC) model of downstream cost-sharing.

Milliman’s valuation of DPC health care services at $8 PMPM rests on faulty data.

Milliman’s “health care resource utilization” fiction does not reflect what DPC practitioners need to, and do, receive in order to do their jobs.

dpcreferee’s 2017 op-ed on Union County’s failure to save with DPC proved to be almost spot on.

Two new DPC brags failed to show bona fide risk-adjusted savings; together, they make clear that DPC brags rely on cherry-picking.

Sorry, Jerry. No huge win for DirectAccessMD when employer DPC option data is compared with non-DPC practice. DirectAccessMD saved $9 a month, 2.3%.

Do bears sh. . .ake cherries out of trees? Selection pressure is built into DPC choices for any population with a normal deductible.

Nextera’s Next Era in Cherry-Picking Machine Design

Risk adjustment badly needed for KPI Ninja’s Strada-brag

ATTN: Milliman. Even if Union County had not waived the $750 deductible, the County still would still have lost money on DPC.

For Qliance, a plausible net savings is 6.8%

Iora’s Las Vegas experience is an inapt model for DPC, and shows no real cost reduction.

The Nextera/DigitalGlobe study design made any conclusion on the downstream effect of subscription primary care impossible.

DPC is uniquely able to telemed: a meme that suffered an early death.

That “DPC is working while FFS is failing financially because of COVID” meme takes a big hit; proof furnished by DPC Alliance.

DPC Alliance manifesto steps on its own foot attempting to prove that DPC saves money.

Private: Archeolgists find Jesus’s lost wallet.

Why is subscription DPC the precise hill on which self-styled “patient-centered” providers have chosen to make a stand?

Why a policy wonk like Wyden might (and, perhaps, should) kill a DPC/HDHP fix for subscription medicine. Short version.

Union County Direct Primary Care in a nutshell.

DPC advocates: an undoubtedly small number of individuals can be as high as 23,000,000.

University Study of DPC: there is no meaningful data to support DPC brags. N.B. This was pre-Milliman

There never was a British Medical Journal study of Qliance.

Selection bias infected the best documented argument that direct primary care reduced downstream costs.

DPC + Cat is not a good substitute for full ACA Medicaid expansion.

Spin Doctor: DPC office visits are four times as long as PPS office visits. Don’t believe it.

Spin doctor says DPC saves 85%. Don’t bet on it.

Dr Rice’s “DPC saves money” fantasy.

The marketplace reached a judgment about direct primary care pioneer, Qliance.

Direct Primary Care Poster Child Qliance has collapsed.

Giant direct primary care pioneer Qliance has turned to online begging.

Going insurance-free does not, and cannot, reduce the overhead expenses of primary care practices by 60%, or even 40%.

Did direct primary care save Union County $1,280,000? Don’t bet on it. [Updated 1/6/18. Re-updated 1/13/20]

Nextera’s marketing presentation establishes huge selection bias, while revealing modest evidence that Nextera cuts cost for some of its patients. But the data set is tiny, old, and contaminated by results for fee for service patients!

Georgia initiatives: GPPF, AEG/WP

Direct primary care is no excuse for parsimony.

Direct Primary Care is not a magic bullet that will bring adequate health care to low income Georgia citizens. (Revised.)

Attn: AEG/WP. Milliman study implies 12.6% downstream care cost reductions for DPC.

A single-post critique of AEG/WP’s recommendation on direct primary care.

To learn how much direct primary care can do, try it first in the ACA-compliant, full-benefit individual market.

“Trust us. We did studies.” AEG/WP have a special way of showing that direct primary care reduces the costs of downstream care.

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