DPC advocates: an undoubtedly small number of individuals can be as high as 23,000,000.

Summer 2019

DPC advocates argue against a $1.8 budget score for their pet DPC/HPHP/HSA fix. They argue the impact is zero, and they cite a study by The Moran Company that says:

The number of individuals presently barred from HSA participation solely by reason of DPC enrollment is undoubtedly small.

March 2020

DPC Coalition glumly reports that their DPC/HDHP/HSA fix was not included in the CARES act, even though:

We were successful in getting our [HSA fix] bill included in the original Senate Finance Committee draft of the [CARES] legislation as a means of expanding virtual care to 23 million more Americans with HDHP/HSA plans.

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