Good for you, GPPF!

  • AEG/WP accurately reported that health coverage costs real money.
    • Annual premiums are:
      • $8,829 in the individual market
      • $6,668 in the small group market
      • $5,845 in the large group market.

In the lowest priced large group, members of the vast majority of plans also are subject to at least some cost sharing (deductibles, copayments, and/or coinsurance). Accordingly, $5,845 represents a minimum annual health care cost for covered individuals without direct primary care.

Even with the savings resulting from direct primary care, AEG/WP computes large group market premiums for plan participants with direct primary care to be $5,592 per year.

It’s helpful to see realistic numbers on the Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s own website, because in the recent past the Foundation has advocated a Medicaid program built around direct primary care that was budgeted at on an annual cost of $2,500 per person, for a population to whom financially significant cost-sharing would be virtually impossible.

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