Shorter KPI Ninja/Nextera SVVSD report

“We used a statistically valid risk measurement tool and determined that there was a a non-Nextera population had a 7.5% difference greater level of risk then our Nextera population. But don’t believe that result, because it was not statistically valid.”

“We reduced inpatient hospital 92.7%. Want to know how great we are? Our statistically valid risk measurement — we changed our minds again so you can count it this time —showed that our DPC population had a 37% higher frequency of the conditions most likely to result in an inpatient hospital admission.”

“Although we used only about $10 million out of nearly $15 million dollars in claims data, trust us when we say that the missing millions can only reinforce our brags.”

“Benefit plans? What benefit plans? We don’t read no benefit plans! We don’t gotta show you any stinking benefit plan!”

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