Nextera’s Next Era in Cherry-Picking Machine Design

Nextera HealthCare has a hot new brag: These results were not risk adjusted. But they desperately need to be. The St Vrain Valley School District had this health benefit structure for its employees during the period studied: The school district’s 10% coinsurance rate for the PPO predates the arrival of the Nextera option. The schoolContinue reading “Nextera’s Next Era in Cherry-Picking Machine Design”

Risk adjustment, and more, badly needed for KPI Ninja’s Strada-brag

Amended 6/26/20 3:15AM The Milliman report’s insistence on the important of risk adjustment will no doubt see the DPC movement pouring a lot of their old wine into new bottles, and perhaps even the creation of new wine. In the meantime, the old gang has been demanding attention to some of the old wine stillContinue reading “Risk adjustment, and more, badly needed for KPI Ninja’s Strada-brag”