DPC and Medicaid expansion politics.

DPC docs uniformly recommend that their non-indigent patients have wrap-around insurance coverage. But for indigents, particularly for what are known as “Medicaid expansion adults” too many DPC docs are willing to push their state for an indigents’ program heavy on direct primary care coupled to, at best, skimpy coverage of downstream costs. They’re eager forContinue reading “DPC and Medicaid expansion politics.”

A moment of clarity about selection bias – at a DPC summit.

At 2019 Summit, Mike Tuggy, MD, FAAFP, presented this: What Have Primary Care Practices Provided to Employers Who Invested in Primary Care? The Results Speak for Themselves–Reports from Across the U.S.2019 DPCSummit62019 Direct Primary Care (DPC) Summit His presentation began with high praise for Qliance and others. He suggested that these models might be usedContinue reading “A moment of clarity about selection bias – at a DPC summit.”

Dr Rice’s “DPC saves money” fantasy.

When the third word of an article with a quantitative angle is hyperlinked to an article by the same author, an MD who also holds an MBA, and the linked article reveals that the author can not actually calculate “markup” correctly, look hard at both pieces. Behold Why direct primary care is the future byContinue reading “Dr Rice’s “DPC saves money” fantasy.”

An HSA break for DPC monthly fees?

Update: See additional considerations here. HSA owners have the privilege of using before tax dollars for medical expenses but they are generally barred from using HSA dollars to pay supplemental health insurance premiums. The HSA privilege itself is usually justified by the argument that more “skin in the game” or “financial stewardship” for patient/consumers breedsContinue reading “An HSA break for DPC monthly fees?”

DPC + Cat is not a good substitute for full ACA Medicaid expansion

When Brain Forrest MD, the founder of the Access Healthcare direct primary care clinic, does legislative advocacy at, for example, the United States Senate, he shows the data of the foregoing chart. It’s from a 2013 course project by three NC State post-baccalaureate management students. He advocates pro-DPC legislation, apparently telling policy makers that theContinue reading “DPC + Cat is not a good substitute for full ACA Medicaid expansion”

A calculus of mOOP

DPC practitioners seeking to recruit insured patients often tout that the cash costs for primary care services and/or for downstream services procured through the DPC entity (e.g., advanced radiology) might be lower than even the patient cost-share for the same services procured under the insurance policy, especially high deductible policies. Patients should, however, carefully considerContinue reading “A calculus of mOOP”

The only bona fide university study of DPC has a message: “There’s no data.”

Health Programs Group, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Population Health Institute. Direct Primary Care (DPC): Potential Impact on Cost, Quality, Health Outcomes, and Provider Workforce Capacity, A Review of Existing Experience & Questions for Evaluation, October 8, 2019. On-line publication. The thing speaks for itself, acknowledging potential and noting absence ofContinue reading “The only bona fide university study of DPC has a message: “There’s no data.””

Spin doctor says DPC saves 85%. Don’t bet on it.

In a May 2018 “Policy Position” for the John Locke Foundation, Kathleen Restrepo wrote the following: A study conducted by University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University researchers found that patients seeking treatment from Access Healthcare, a direct-care practice located in Apex, North Carolina, spent 85 percent less on total health care spendingContinue reading “Spin doctor says DPC saves 85%. Don’t bet on it.”

Spin Doctor: DPC office visits are four times as long as PPS office visits. Don’t believe it.

“A university study found that patients treated in one Apex practice enjoyed average 35-minute office visits, more than four times longer than the average visit in a more typical practice. They also spent 85 percent less money.”  Kathlerine Restrepo, John Locke Foundation press release of March 22, 2017 As discussed in a prior post, Ms.Continue reading “Spin Doctor: DPC office visits are four times as long as PPS office visits. Don’t believe it.”

Marshall on Dershowitz; or is he talking about me on DPC?

To put it baldly, if it’s a topic and area of study you know nothing about and after a few weeks of cramming you decide that basically everyone who’s studied the question is wrong, there’s a very small chance you’ve rapidly come upon a great insight and a very great likelihood you’re an ignorant andContinue reading “Marshall on Dershowitz; or is he talking about me on DPC?”